9 Essential Things To Do When Moving House

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a strategic plan.

Most people think that moving to a new house simply consists of packing and unpacking. This isn’t true because there’s a lot more to take into consideration when writing your list of things to do when moving house.

It’s important to plan your move early because a last-minute rush might present more unwanted challenges. There are numerous things you should do when moving to a new home.

1. Label Properly

Planning early will enable you to write a brief summary of what’s going to go in various rooms.

Take extra time when packing to properly label each box. This will enable you to know, very quickly and easily, what’s in each box and identify their intended destination.

It sounds so simple that it’s often overlooked but proper labeling saves your valuable time in unpacking. Time management is essential because you’ll have extra bandwidth to perform all your other important relocation activities.

Pro Tip: Use colored stickers or labels to categorize rooms. Also, you can consider writing a short and brief description of contents in each of the boxes.

2. Declutter

Decluttering your items is fundamental when moving to a new house. It’s, therefore, important to decide what you’ll sell, donate, or throw out. This should be decided before packing to minimize confusion of what’s being kept and what’s moving out. Also, you’ll manage your time well because you already know what you’re going to pack.

3. Book a Reputable Removal Company

Consider hiring trusted removalists that have a minimum of five years in the industry.

It’s important to opt for the right removal company rather than considering the DIY approach. You can move to a new home on your own, but it’s a daunting and exhausting task. In addition, you’ll waste your precious time in the entire process.

Hire the best removal company immediately after you have decluttered your personal belongings so you’ll know exactly how much stuff is getting moved. The DIY approach might lead to damage of your expensive items because you don’t have the right tools for the job.

A reputable and experienced removal company will carefully load, pack and handle delicate, and heavy items. You’ll be assured that all your items will arrive safely at your new house.

4. Pack Early

After setting your moving day, start packing immediately. To ease this process, you should make a checklist for each room. Get all the packing materials as early as possible. Packing late isn’t recommended because it will create stress at the last minute.

5. Create an Inventory

An inventory will help you to identify all your items. This is essential because you’ll know if items went missing in the moving process.

Pro Tip: Create a spreadsheet on your phone, iPad or laptop to identify if all the items are present and safe. This can be a shared document between you, your family and even your moving professional so everyone is on the same page.

6. Arrange Your Utilities Early

Set up your utilities, such as home insurance, council, internet, electricity and gas early before moving to a new house. This is important because it prevents stress and interruption of services in your new home. Arranging your utilities early will save not only your time but also your money.

7. Do a Walk-through

It’s important to do a walk-through of your home when it’s empty.

Double-check your new home before unpacking your items or setting up furniture. It can be more advantageous to check your home even before unloading the moving truck.

Below are important things to check:

  • If all agreed repairs are perfectly done
  • Presence of all items included in the sale
  • Working order of switches, outlets, and fixtures.

When you find something isn’t right as per the contract, consider calling your real estate agent. Note that any issue that isn’t covered in the contract, you’ll be responsible for.

8. Deep Clean

Clean your house thoroughly after moving in.

You can hire professional cleaners because they have enough expertise in this field or you can do it yourself.

Hiring a professional to do the first clean of your new home is worthwhile if you have the budget. Not only will it will save you time, using expert cleaners will ensure that your home is completely clean from the beginning rather than just a surface clean like many of us do – especially me.

9. Pack a Survival Box

Pack all the items you use every day in a separate bag. Also, keep this bag with you at all times.

As an example, this bag could contain items such as toilet roll, medicine, face cream, phone chargers, toothbrush and change of clothes.

I hope these tips have helped you to formulate a plan to tick of all the things to do when moving house.

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